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FOI Disclosure Log August 2022

Ref Description Response
181//22FOI Staff Spend 21/22  181 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
182/22/FOI Temporary Staff Management   182 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
183/22/FOI Request on Nivolumab  183 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
184/22/FOI Spend on Interpreters  184 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
185/22/FOI Payments for Residential Mother and Baby Units  185 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
186/22/FOI Budget Report 2022  186 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
187/22/FOI Infant Skincare Advice   187 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
188/22/FOI Policy Regarding Serious Incidents  188 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
189/22/FOI Confirmed Cases of Necrotising Fasciitis within Wrexham Maelor Hospital   189 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
190/22/FOI Waiting List Cancellations  
191/22/FOI Waiting List Cancellations  
192/22/FOI  Patients Treated by Dermatology With Phototherapy (UVB or PUVA)   192 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
193/22/FOI Autistic Adults in Mental Health Facilities   193 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
194/22/FOI Details Around the Employment at Gardden Road   194 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
195/22/FOI Decision by Wrexham South Cluster to Employ Staff  
196/22/FOI Decision by Wrexham South Cluster to Employ Staff  196 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
197/22/FOI Aagency and Locum Spend   
198/22/FOI Lycra / Compression Suits for Children with Conditions Such as Cerebral Palsy  198 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
199/22/FOI  Staffing Gaps and Overtime Payments  
200/22/FOI  Number of Nurses and Midwives the Trust has Referred to Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)   200 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
201/22/FOI  Restrictive Practice Within Mental Health Inpatient Settings  201 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
202/22/FOI ICT Expenditure   202 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
203/22/FOI Dental Practices in BCUHB Offering NHS Treatment   203 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
204/22/FOI Inpatient Meals with Eggs  
205/22/FOI Staff in Dermatology Department  205 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
206/22/FOI Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) Patient Information Leaflets    206 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
207/22/FOI Distance Selling Pharmacies  207 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
208/22/FOI  Contact Centre, CRM and AI & Automation  208 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
209/22/FOI Request on the Treatment of Haemophilia A  209 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
210/22/FOI Post-Operative Protocol  
211/22/FOI Benralizumab, Omalizumab, Reslizumab and Mepolizumab Request  211 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
212/22/FOI Dyspraxia/DCD Diagnostic Pathways in Children and Adults  212 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
213/22/FOI Best Interest Meeting  213 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
214/22/FOI  Food Storage and Wastage Policy  214 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
215/22/FOI Off the Back of 165/22/FOI - number of reports on Patient Property Only  
216/22/FOI Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Questions  216 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
217/22/FOI Agency Nursing Fees  
218/22/FOI Primary Care Pathways for Lower Gastrointestinal Symptoms  218 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
219/22/FOI Current Endoscopy Maintenance Supplier and the Contract Expiry Date  219 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
220/22/FOI Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and Tourette's Syndrome Waiting Times  
221/22/FOI Staff Retention Over Last 2 Years  
222/22/FOI Patients Treated (Revolade, Nplate, Doptelet, Tavlesse)  
223/22/FOI Community Services and Rehab Questions  
224/22/FOI Change in Health Board CEOs and Executive Directors - April 2017 to April 2022  224 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
225/22/FOI Fistula Cannulas for Dialysis Questions  225 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
226/22/FOI Request on Clotting Disorders  226 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
227/22/FOI Denbigh Men's Shed Contract  227 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
228/22/FOI Denbigh Men's Shed Correspondence Pertaining to 1st June Suspension of Services  
229/22/FOI Myelofibrosis Treatment  229 22 FOI -Final Response.doc
230/22/FOI Children and Young People Admitted to an Adult Mental Health Ward   230 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
231/22/FOI Melanoma Patients and Treatment  231 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
232/22/FOI Telephony & Storage Questions  
233/22/FOI Admission Questions  
234/22/FOI Endoscopy Insourcing Providers   
235/22/FOI Agency Recruitment   
236/22/FOI Treatment for Lung Cancer  236 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
237/22/FOI Amount Of DNRS Over Last 5 Years at Glan Clwyd Hospital  237 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
238/22/FOI Mental Health Therapy and Counselling Waiting Lists  238 22 FOI - Final Response.doc
239/22/FOI Energy Costs Request  239 22 FOI- Final Response.doc
240/22/FOI Breast Cancer Treatment  
241/22/FOI Inbound and Outbound Post/ Mail  
242/22/FOI Delayed Transfers of Care  
243/22/FOI Pharmacological Choices in Hip/Knee Arthroplasty  
244/22/FOI Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage