Digital and Information Governance Committee

BCUHB's Digital and Information Governance Committee was established as a committee of the Health Board on 6.9.18, following the Board's decision on Proposals for revised Board and Committee Arrangements 2018-2020 at the September 2018 Health Board meeting. 

Terms of Reference     

wef 6.9.18:

Committee Chair:  Mr John Cunliffe
Committee Vice Chair: Cllr Cheryl Carlisle
Committee Independent Members:  Mrs Lucy Reid and Prof Nichola Callow
Lead Executive: Dr David Fearnley, Executive Medical Director 

Secretariat: Jody Evans can be contacted via / 01745  448788 ext 6362        

Terms of Reference are available in the inaugural meeting papers

Meetings of the Digital and Information Governance Committee will be held on the following dates and papers can be accessed via the links below when available:

Meeting date Approved Minutes
27.9.19 Approved minutes
9.5.19 Approved minutes
14.2.19 Approved minutes