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CT Scanning

Computer Tomography (shortened to CT) is a scan process that involves using X-ray radiation and a computer to produce detailed 3 dimensional images through the body area being examined. The CT scan will help your doctor or healthcare professional investigate your suspected clinical condition through diagnosis and treatment, where appropriate.

The CT scan will involve lying still on a scan table that moves backwards and forwards through the scanner. Although you will be left alone in the scan room while the scan is taking place, the radiographer can see you and it is possible to talk to the radiographer at any time via an intercom.

Once your CT scan has been completed there should be no unpleasant after-effects and you should be able to resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

The results of your CT scan will be sent to the doctor or healthcare professional who requested the examination and they will then make appropriate arrangements to see you again. This may be on the ward if you are an in-patient or at your next clinic appointment.