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'People don't talk about it because it upsets you' – the memorial celebrating passed Little Stars


A moving tribute to babies who never got the chance to sparkle for long enough will shine a light on their lives next month.

The Little Stars Baby Memorial Service will take place at St Asaph Cathedral on Sunday July 3, with parents encouraged to light a candle set in a star for their lost loved one.

The annual event, formerly held at the Marble Church in Bodelwyddan, gives parents an opportunity to remember their child, alongside others who have endured similar experiences.

Remembering is something which one attendee, Rebekah Woodcraft, strongly believes is important.

Her daughter Katie was found to have severe hydrocephalus and spina bifida at a routine 30-week scan in 2004. It set in chain a heartrending experience which stays with her to this day.

Fighting back tears, Rebekah said: “She wouldn’t have survived and I had to give birth to her in Glan Clwyd Hospital.

“She would have been 18 years old on June 14 and it still affects me. People don’t talk about it because it upsets you.

“When people ask how many children I have do I say one or two? But I think it’s better people ask these questions.

“Some people just hide it away and that’s fine but I think it’s better to talk about it. Katie was still born but she still lived - she’s buried at the Marble Church in Bodelwyddan.”

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Being able to speak with other parents with similar experiences at the Little Stars Baby Memorial Service is something which gives comfort to her family.

She said: “The service is lovely and you meet other parents in the same position as you. My mum and dad come - and my daughter Alice.

“She knows she has got a sister and, when her friends ask, she says she has one sister.”

Rebekah will always shine a light on little Katie’s short stay. She said: “I will be lighting a candle on that Sunday.”

*The service is for anyone who has experienced the loss of a baby or a child. It is open to all, of any faith or belief, and provides an opportunity for parents, family and friends to come together and unite in remembrance.

The Little Stars Baby Memorial Service will be held at St. Asaph Cathedral on Sunday July 3, 2022, at 5pm.

For further information contact:

Chaplaincy Department: 01745-448788 ext 2511

The Little Stars’ Neonatal Team: 01745-448788 ext 2830

The Snowdrop Maternity Team: 07815483449