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Launch of new gift bags for mums at Wrexham Maelor Special Care Baby Unit

Launch of new gift bags for mums at Wrexham Hospital

Nurses at Wrexham Maelor Hospital have launched a scheme to provide new parents with bags filled with useful items to make their hospital stay more comfortable.

The scheme is being funded by Wrexham charity Cherish, a support group for parents who have all had babies who have been in need of care on the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

The bags contain items such as toiletries and snacks to help mums look after themselves while they stay on the ward.

Nurses Laura Chaloner and Carla Selby set up the scheme. Laura said, “Lots of parents are on SCBU because their baby has been born premature or is very poorly. Sometimes parents aren’t prepared for a hospital stay and may not have had a chance to get a bag together because they weren’t expecting to come in.

“Often a parent’s first thought is their baby, especially if the baby is unwell and so we are trying to ensure that mums can look after themselves too. We had the idea to provide bags that contain supplies to help new parents who are staying with us.

“We approached Cherish to ask if they would fund the bags and they said yes. We are really grateful to them for their ongoing, continued support, they are so important to us.”

“We were trying to think of items that could go in the bags that could take the stress away for parents so we have put in items like a water bottle as the ward has to be warm for the babies and it’s important for parents to stay hydrated. We added toiletries in too and small items like a hair bobble and brush that can easily be forgotten.

“There’s also information in the bag that may be needed for parents about having a poorly or premature baby. We put it in the bag so parents aren’t overloaded with information and can read it when they feel ready to.”

Cherish are funding the bags on a rolling basis and regularly support the work of the ward. 

Chair of Cherish, Ruth Drake said, “Cherish are thrilled to be able to help provide something that will be useful for mums on the ward. We are really excited to be part of this scheme.”