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Immunisation – a simple way to help prevent the spread of potentially deadly diseases across North Wales

People are being urged to take some simple steps to help prevent the spread of potentially deadly diseases across North Wales.

Immunisations save millions of lives across the world every year. Many of the diseases that are preventable through vaccination, such as the flu or measles, can have devastating consequences for some individuals.

Teresa Owen, Executive Director of Public Health at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, is leading a new strategic approach to ensure the uptake for immunisation is as high as possible.

She said: “Immunisations are one of our most cost effective public health interventions – they help keep us healthy, and can save lives. There are a range of vaccination programmes across the whole life course that help to prevent a number of different diseases, many of which can be very harmful to our health.

“In recent years we have seen outbreaks of flu and measles across North Wales, many of which would have been prevented through higher uptake of the flu and MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccines. Whilst we are doing relatively well with vaccine uptake in North Wales compared to other parts of Wales, there is more we can do together to increase the uptake and protect more people from these diseases.

“Vaccines are safe and effective for those who are eligible and I encourage everyone to have theirs when they’re offered. Don’t worry if you think you might have missed a vaccination, just ask your GP Practice or Health Visitor as you can always catch up.”

Currently people are being urged to make sure they are protected against flu and vaccines will be offered until the end of March. If you haven’t had your flu vaccination or aren’t sure if you’re eligible, please contact your GP Practice. If you’re not sure if you or your child have had both doses of the MMR vaccine, please check with your GP Practice or Health Visitor and get up to date.  

For more information about the Health Board’s Strategic Immunisations Plan (2019-2022), including further details on the flu and MMR vaccines, visit the Immunisation page of the BCUHB website.