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Medicines Management Policies and Procedures for HCSW and all Carers


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Joint Medicines Management Policies and Procedures between health and non NHS providers.

These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and competency assessment tools for the administration of medicines have been produced to be adopted by each Care setting as appropriate to their practice. During this Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic it has been agreed that the level of education for some SOP’s has been reduced from QCF level 3 to level 2. Each SOP will have a clear indication of the level required. This has been brought about due to the level of demand envisaged during this outbreak to support the continuation of care and provision of services within the community setting.

Care Workers Healthcare Support Workers/Assistants must be trained and assessed as competent by the service provider before giving any medicines and they should only give a medicine when there is a clearly documented agreement to do so in the care plan along with clear directions from the prescriber as to how the medicine should be used.

In December 2012 a multi-organisational Task and Finish Group was established to agree standards of best practice, and standard operating procedures for the use of medicines for adults in all care settings for North Wales. The key driver of the initiative was the safety and well-being of the citizen/resident ensuring that no matter where/whom is providing care relating to medicines management the standard is the same and the training and competence of the workforce. Please see links to the policies below. 

BCUHB and each of the LA’s within its boundary will specify that all providers of the services involving medicines will be commissioned to provide standards of medicines management specified within the code of practice, the standards of best practice and SOP’s for the handling of medicines.

Each organisation MUST read the following North Wales policies below and training requirements prior to proceeding to the document links on this web page:-

North Wales Policies

Advice to support the staff within care homes / hospices in the appropriate reuse of end of life medication during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Welsh Health Circular: Guidance for Local Health Boards and NHS Trusts on the reuse of end of life medicines in hospices and care homes

Memorandum: Brief to support the staff within Care Homes/Hospices in the appropriate reuse of end of life (EOL) medication (During Covid-19 Pandemic)

Checklist: Assessing the appropriateness of medicine(s) reuse for an individual patient

BCUHB and North Wales Local Authorities - A Joint Agreement for the Code for the Practice of Medicines in Health and Social Care Settings - July 2016

Standards of Best Practice for Medicines Management for All Care Settings - April 2020