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How much food to give your baby

The aim of first foods is to get infants used to new tastes and textures. Every baby will be different; some will enjoy food from the beginning and will help themselves to food straight away.

  • Some may manage several spoons of newly introduced foods
  • Some babies will take longer to get used to new tastes.
  • Offer small amounts of food before milk feeds at mealtimes
  • The amount of food can be slowly increased over the first few weeks

It is important not to worry about portion sizes at this age because:

  • There will be mess
  • There will be days when they will eat a lot of food
  • There will be days when they will eat hardly anything

The picture below of a small children's bowl and a smaller side bowl 13cm wide in total, shows the average portion size for a baby aged between 7-12 months:

Portion size E