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  • Pregnancy is possible 21 days after the birth of a baby and many unplanned pregnancies occur soon after childbirth
  • Suitable contraception is advised to be established by this point


  • 99% effective
  • May fail if tubes re-join

Risk of failure

  • Female: 1 in 200
  • Male: 1 in 2000

Female Sterilisation

  • Tubes are clipped or tied and cut. This stops the egg and sperm meeting and prevents fertilisation


  • Permanent
  • Does not impact hormone levels
  • You still have periods
  • Can be done at time of caesarean section


  • There are risks with the surgery which include bleeding, infection and internal damage
  • There is a risk of regret
  • It is difficult to reverse and reversal is not available on the NHS
  • There is increased risk of ectopic pregnancy if you become pregnant
  • Does not protect against STIs

Procedure waiting times

  • If you have a vaginal delivery sterilisation will need to be carried out at a later date
  • Waiting times for the procedure vary and may be prolonged
  • It is advised to use another form of reliable contraception up to and following the procedure