20th March 2020

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have to cancel routine appointments within BCUHB for the foreseeable future. We understand that this is frustrating but hope that you appreciate that this is unavoidable in the current situation. We will of course book another appointment for you once we are in a position to do so, but at the moment are not certain when this will be. Therefore, if you have any urgent questions or concerns about your condition in the meantime, please contact your local Parkinson’s specialist nurse or practitioner in the first instance.

Guidance for people living with Parkinson’s who may be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak is also available on the Parkinson’s UK website.

If you require further clarification regarding your specific circumstances please contact your local Parkinson’s team.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dr Sam Abraham
Dr Sally Jones
Dr Sion Jones