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Vaccination Update


End date for spring boosters

In line with national guidance, the delivery of the spring booster programme will stop on 30 June 2022. This will allow those receiving a spring booster to have enough time between doses if they are deemed eligible by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) for an autumn 2022 booster.

People who will be 75 before the spring booster ends

In order to leave enough time for people to attend vaccination appointments, those who turn 75 on or before 30 June are eligible for vaccination at any time in the spring programme provided is has been at least a three months since their last dose. This means some people will be 74 on the day of vaccination, but are eligible because they turn 75 before the cut-off date.

Delays because of infection

If someone eligible for a spring booster has had a COVID-19 infection recently, they will need to wait 28 days from the date they tested positive before they can be vaccinated. They will still be able to get vaccinated after 30 June as part of this campaign if they have to postpone.

Other age groups - primary and booster doses

While we continue to roll out our spring booster programme, it is not too late for anyone who needs a primary dose (first, second or third) or booster to be vaccinated. To book your COVID-19 vaccination call our Contact Centre on 03000 840004.

More information can be found on our website here.

Covid vaccination for international travel

Please plan ahead if you think you’ll need to be vaccinated before travelling abroad. The vaccine programme follows JCVI clinical advice on vaccine intervals.

Covid vaccination is still free through the NHS but you will not be ‘fast-tracked’ for travel – the vaccine schedule is advised for safety and effectiveness.

For adults there must be an eight-week gap between first and second doses. Then a further 13 weeks before a booster, and 13 weeks again for those eligible for Spring boosters. The advice on vaccination intervals differs depending on age, clinical vulnerability and prior COVID-19 infection.

More information is available on the Welsh Government website here.