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Staff and Volunteer Recognition Award

Would you like another way to say thank you? Has a member of staff, team or volunteer gone above and beyond? You can nominate them for the Seren Betsi Star monthly award.

Click here for a nomination form

Our workforce is the most important asset in achieving our purpose of ‘Improving Health and Delivering Excellent Care’. We value the hard work and commitment shown by staff and we want to show our appreciation and share this with the wider organisation and beyond through different means.  Any member of staff or the public can nominate any other staff member employed by BCUHB or BCUHB Volunteer.

How do I nominate?

Click on the nomination link above to download a nomination form. Ensure you give a clear account on WHY you are nominating the Person or Team. Real examples are a great way of explaining. Remember, the “Proud of” group will not know the person, so the more description the better.

Who Chooses?

BCUHB have “Proud of” groups in various locations across the organisation. These groups have a wide range of staff representing a range of job roles. The group will select a Winner based on the nomination provided.

What if the Person / Team win?

The chief executive will visit them in the workplace (unexpectedly!) and present them with a Seren Betsi Trophy, Certificate, Badge and nomination form and an opportunity to celebrate the award.

What if the Person / Team don’t win?

All nominees are celebrated and acknowledged. The nominee will receive a letter and card from the Chief Executive, and their story published on our Social Media.

Check out our BCUHB Best page on Facebook or Twitter.

If you would like any further information please e-mail