Out of Hours Service: GPs and ANPs

The Out of Hours service across North Wales are looking to recruit as many GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners as possible in anticipation of the extra demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In these unprecedented times, we want to make sure our service is fully staffed and trained, ahead of the expected increase in demand. Contributing just a small fraction of your month to OOH provision across North Wales will have huge impact.  The service also has capacity if practitioners want to become fully on board.

We have categorised practitioners into 3 categories:

Blue Those Practitioners who can provide telephone and video consultation from home – either you have retired from OOH/in-hours or you are a current Practitioner who is permanently or temporarily, during this period, Shielding at home.
Green Practitioners who are at some risk but can see patients face to face without symptoms of COVID-19 in GREEN hubs and provide telephone/video consultations
Red Those Practitioners who are working in the RED Hubs in-hours and can provide the same service for OOH, as well as provide Green hub consultations and telephone/video consultations

You will receive all required training, and time to become accustomed to the IT systems. When we are in need of additional staffing, we will text or email you to see if you’re available. Please help us to be prepared in the fight against Covid-19

Please use the below link for more information and to register your interest. Here you may filter roles by staff group and location.

Visit:  https://www.covidhubwales.co.uk/