Community Health Council

There are times we all need help to speak up about concerns/complaints if we – patients, carers, relatives – feel let down by our local health board or social care service. It can be difficult to know who or where to turn to or what to do. We may not always feel confident about getting in touch with the local health authority or hospital; know who to contact; the right questions to ask, or what exactly we want to say or how to say it.

Our Advocacy Service can help raise those concerns/complaints through its role in providing a free, independent, confidential, non-legal, client-led service. We are able to help patients or their representative in making a complaint under the N.H.S. Complaints Procedure.

Our Advocacy staff is well-trained and committed to the central principles of independence, confidentiality, best interest and empowerment. All services are conducted in a friendly and professional manner, the end aim being to resolve issues satisfactorily, but also encouraging the health board to learn from the experiences shared and improving their services.

Role of the Advocate and Range of Services

  • To explain, guide and support throughout the Complaints Procedure.
  • To offer information on available options.
  • To assist with correspondence.
  • To offer support at meetings.
  • To explain how to access health records.
  • To act only with consent.
  • The level of support will be tailored to individual needs.

If you feel we could help you, please contact our Wrexham or Bangor office either by phone or e-mail.