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Diabetes teams take part in national Insulin Safety Week


Diabetes teams from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board are taking part in a national insulin safety campaign. 

Insulin Safety Week takes place on May 17th to May 23rd, with the Diabetes teams from the Health Board staging a series of events across its acute and community sites, including liaising with care homes and GPs, and sharing key safety elements with patients, to ensure vital information about insulin safety is communicated in a bid to reduce incidents of insulin errors. 

The Diabetes service also rolled out staff education in the month leading up to the seven-day campaign, and will continue to champion the ‘Safe use of Insulin’ e-learning module for all healthcare staff throughout the year; along with promoting the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme for professional development opportunities. 

Julie Moss, Diabetes Practice Development Nurse for the east area of the Health Board, said: “This week we wish to raise as much awareness around insulin safety to inform patients as well as staff. The body’s response to illness, infection and stress is to produce more glucose, which means that more insulin may be needed during this period to control blood glucose levels, even if not eating normally. Therefore, never stop background insulin (for example Lantus, Levemir, Humulin I); instead, please phone your Diabetes Team or GP if concerned.” 

According to the results from the latest National Diabetes Inpatient Audit, two in five people with diabetes on insulin (40%) experience an error related to the administration of the drug while in hospital. 

Organiser of the safety week Oliver Jelley said: “We’re thrilled that healthcare professionals can see the benefit in this campaign during the pandemic. This campaign represents an ideal opportunity for diabetes inpatient teams, GP surgeries and other care providers to be part of a national collective, all coming together for one week of the year to promote awareness of insulin safety and share good practice.” 

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