Hospital Appointment Reminder Service

Unless you have told us otherwise, all our patients currently receive a text to remind them of forthcoming outpatient appointments. This is a basic text message, which contains date and time of an appointment only.

A newly improved text reminder system has been introduced to help patients remember their appointment details and reduce the number of missed appointments.

The updated system will include:

First name of the patient

Date, time, speciality (e.g Urology) and location of appointment.

In order to receive the additional appointment information you will need to opt-in by completing the consent form:

48 Hour Hospital Reminders

Our 24 hour reminders have changed to 48 hours before the appointment, allowing further time to re-utilise outpatient appointments and provide additional notice for our patients.


To comply with data protection regulations, staff will be asking all patients for their consent allowing the Health Board to expand on the information disclosed currently in our appointment reminder messages. Alternatively, please complete the form below. 

Opting Out

Patients can choose to ‘opt out’ of receiving reminders, and this will be formally recorded on our patient information systems. Patients should note however, that if they decide to ‘opt out’, they may not receive any other form of reminder. Patients can change their mind at any time in the future. 

Language choice

Currently our letters and messages are sent bilingually. In the future we’d like them to be in your preferred language. Providing we have your consent, we’ll text you and ask. Or, when booking your appointment, please tell a member of staff your preference (Welsh or English). Alternatively, you can also complete the form below.