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COVID-19 vaccination update


From Dr Nick Lyons – Executive Medical Director

Over the last two weeks we've seen an increase in people coming forward for their first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and very encouraging take up of booster jabs.

To date we’ve administered more than 360,000 booster jabs, providing important additional protection to 72 per cent of the eligible population.

Despite this hugely encouraging take up, there are still around 100,000 mostly younger people who have yet to come forward.

There are four very important reasons people should come forward for their COVID-19 vaccine without delay:

  1. To help avoid the need for further restrictions.

Getting your first, second and booster jab and following the latest public health advice is the best way to avoid a return to further restrictions on our everyday lives – protecting the local economy, your freedoms, education and jobs

  1. To protect yourself

Research shows that getting vaccinated significantly reduces your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 and becoming seriously ill with the virus. The COVID-19 vaccine will also protect you from the debilitating long-term effects of Long-COVID - which can last for months

  1. To protect loved ones, friends and those most vulnerable to infection

Please don't be complacent at news that Omicron is a milder form of the virus. Because it is far more transmissible than the Alpha or Delta variants, it will find those who are unvaccinated or have suppressed immune systems - with potentially serious consequences

  1. To protect the NHS

Even a small rise in COVID-19 admissions, coupled with the high rates of Omicron related staff sickness we are forecasting, could seriously impact on our ability to provide planned and emergency care in the coming weeks. Please play your part in slowing the spread by getting your COVID-19 vaccine

Remember it can take up to two weeks for your body to build immunity following your COVID-19 vaccine. We are facing the prospect of a huge wave of Omicron cases by mid-January, so I urge you to come forward as soon as you possibly can. We have thousands of appointments available between now and the end of the year.

How to get your COVID-19 vaccine

You can now walk in to any of our COVID-19 vaccination centres to get your first, second or booster vaccine, but booking online will help avoid a lengthy queue.

To book online – visit our COVID-19 Online Booking Service

Click here for details of walk in clinics